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Small Batch Southern Spirits

We are a craft distillery rooted in our Southern home and inspired by the world’s classic spirits.  Our rums and brandies are slowly fermented and carefully distilled on an alembic copper still before resting in bourbon oak barrels.  With all of our products, our goal is to bring you true Southern craft spirits,  equally at home in cocktails, on their own, or over ice.  We avoid shortcuts in favor of an honest, slow approach to produce spirits of the highest quality made with unique ingredients and processes, and always uniquely delicious.

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A New Approach to Carolina Wines

What began with a love for classic ports and sherries has turned into a whole new expression of what Southern wine can be.  Our wines are made with Southern fruit: Haw River Valley grapes, North Carolina mountain apples, peaches from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, and blackberries sourced from Virginia.  Infusing our wines with brandy, an Old World winemaking technique, allows our wines to be versatile, not so sweet, and pair perfectly with food and desserts – plus, they work wonderfully in a variety of wine spritzers and cocktails.  At Fair Game Beverage Company, we are crafting globally-inspired wines proud to call North Carolina home.

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Latest News and Events

Shopkeeper’s Dilemma

We don't normally sell a lot of stuff on Sunday mornings. Mostly because we are not open. But today my daughter Jessalyn was visiting from the D.C. area and she needed a gift crate as a "Thank you" present.  While she was shopping and "building her crate"--a...

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Post Industrial Snacks

We just took delivery of a bunch of Shagbark corn chips from Ohio.  It's our first "far away" specialty food offering--everything else we handle is from the Carolinas.  We are carrying Shagbark because they make the finest corn chip on earth, and because they were...

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Persimmon Palooza

Persimmons are unforgiving.  Pick them too soon and you with pucker up with a nasty astringent taste experience.  Get them too late and they have turned to goo. Eat them at the right time and they are the food of the Gods. That's probably why Stuart wanted to throw...

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Waning Chestnut Pie

Not long ago I would stop at the chestnut tree outside our tasting room and pick up three pounds of nuts in five minutes.  Today I found three nuts. Jen over at Tick Warriors threatened to make a savory chestnut pie the other day.  I had never heard of such a thing....

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Chestnut Pudding

It appears our new "Made in NC" Pantry project is getting legs. Today I took delivery of some new infused avocado oils at the tasting room.  Judit, with Neomega is killing it.  She's busted out of her shared production space at PFAP in Hillsborough and is taking her...

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