Fair Game Beverage Co. is a craft distillery and winery based in Chatham County, NC.

At the heart of our operation are the agricultural materials we use to create our products.  Fair Game brings to mind the old country fairs, when the whole community would gather to celebrate the end of the harvest as the fair rolled into town.  We create spirits and wines that celebrate the southern harvest and create new traditions of Southern Craft Distilling.

Fair Game was founded in 2013, and began production that winter.

When we released our first wines in June 2014 many were pleasantly surprised by the quality and unique flavors we presented.  Suddenly southern wines had a new face.  Our first spirits were released in March of 2015, after aging over the first year.  Again we were met with praise for the direction we took with these aged spirits, No’Lasses Sorghum Rum and Apple Brandy.  In the winter of 2015 we released the Flying Pepper Tobago Vodka, our first Vodka.  The response has been incredible.

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